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Набір проти старіння caviar

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Три обов’язкові елементи для більш молодої, здорової та сяючою шкіри.

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Антивіковий набір Caviar of Switzerland – це комплексний та інноваційний режим догляду за шкірою.

24-годинний відновлюючий крем  це концентрований та водночас легкий шовковистий крем для обличчя, який регенерує, живить та зволожує шкіру.

Відновлюючий крем для очей, крем відновлює шкіру навколо очей, зменшує зморшки та темні кола.

Покращена відновлююча сироватка робить вашу шкіру гладкою та сяючою, дарує їй більш молодий та привабливий вигляд.

Кожен з цих кремів доповнює один одного та разом з очищаючим засобом працюють в ідеальній синергії, щоб подарувати вам сяючу шкіру, про яку ви завжди мріяли!

76 відгуків для Набір проти старіння caviar

  1. Robin Moran

    I am almost 70 and I have skin that is dry but does not do well with most moisturizers. Either I have to add so much to feel like it is working and then the awful breakout happens. So far this produce is working well and my skin is looking really good.

  2. Jeannette Shaw

    I bought a few extra products to share with my mom and daughter. We are all really impressed and all have really different skin types. Would recommend to all

  3. Candice Collins

    These products are amazing. No chemical smell, makes my skin feel great!

  4. Lynda Mitchell

    Love this skincare!

  5. Maxine Simpson

    I have really dry sensitive skin and I’m loving the hydration I’m getting from the moisturizer. My sister has combination skin and used it the week she was visiting, and liked it on her skin too!

  6. Yvonne Gonzales

    After reading lots of reviews and doing research, I decided to switch all my skin care to Caviar of Switzerland. Takes about 5 minutes and the results make all the difference.

  7. Maryann Carr

    This routine completely revamped my look. It’s amazing the glow I have achieved in such a short time.

  8. Mabel Rogers

    Its been a great feeling to love my skin again, thank u for making it a great feeling to look in the mirror.

  9. Jenny Wilson

    These products smell great and the company has really quick customer service.

  10. Ruby Cobb

    Loving this after just a weeks!

  11. Betty Gomez

    Love this!!!! My skin looks and feels amazing

  12. Kelli Arnold

    My skin looks and feels great!

  13. Olivia Crawford

    The customer service for this company is really impressive. I am really intrigued with the ingredients, and the customer service team was able to provide great insights to ingredients I was asking about.

  14. Eleanor Cummings

    My skin feels good

  15. Jill Mathis

    I wish I had gotten this earlier. I have seen so much improvement within a matter of weeks.

  16. Shannon Logan

    Excellent work really good since the 3 day

  17. Glenda Russell

    It works a lot after the first month of use. You can see the Difference. Excellent product and This size works for a whole month

  18. Suzanne Malone

    The best I love the results!.

  19. Guadalupe Greer

    This is a great company. I’m having good results with all 3 of these products.

  20. Dianna Glover

    Within 3 days of using this I had multiple people comment on my skin! Not only does it feel great, it looks brighter, clearer and more evenly toned. Going back to buy more as gifts and stocking up for myself!!

  21. Kimberly Webster

    Ive been using these as per instructions and I can tell a huge difference in my face lighting up and getting bouncier and more plump!

  22. Ebony Osborne

    Really feel like I see a differences especially in my pores which is huge for me.

  23. Myra Black

    This product is fantastic. I am 68 years old and within 2 weeks my crows feet wrinkles are gone. This is the best product I have ever used.

  24. Cathy May

    I use all three together daily and can see a bit of a difference after about a month

  25. Roberta Washington

    I love how my skin feels and looks after using this product. I have used it for 6 weeks, and dramatic difference in how it feels and looks.

  26. Elisa Armstrong

    this is the second time I have bought this… I like this

  27. Vanessa Lucas

    My friends see a difference – so do I. Line diminishing and firmer skin. It is a 3 stage process I use in the evening only.

  28. Mona Carroll

    I love it!!! it keeps my skin soft and supple!!! I have very sensitive skin and it breaks out at the drop of a hat but this stuff really works.

  29. Rosalie Wells

    Great product. Got result in just two weeks. Looking forward to continue with this product for daily use.

  30. Marguerite Bishop

    I like this product. I have already noticed a change in my skin. I will definitely order more when needed.

  31. Sonya Murray

    Really loving this set. Has brightened my skin for sure.

  32. Melba Greene

    This set is perfect! My skin loves these products! I will continue to use. Fast perfect shipping.

  33. Patricia Brooks

    Very good product, doing what it is supposed to. I have noticed quite a difference in my skin. I feel it is making my skin look younger, or at least I hope it is. I recommend this product.

  34. Marie Collier

    This is a great kit, I use it every day and have noticed an improvement in my skin

  35. Margaret Shelton

    Really nice trio that really works! I will re-order again, again, and again.

  36. Christina Foster

    Love this product and I am on my second set. My skin feels very soft and these product are things you shoul be using for mature skin .

  37. Alma Hicks

    This stuff works wonders. You feel the difference as soon as you put it on.

  38. Mattie Todd

    Seems like the real deal. Great quality and impressive results.

  39. Kelley Santos

    Saw results very quickly and haven’t had any adverse reactions to it.

  40. Sophie Gilbert

    This stuff really works, I gave it a few months and people have started complementing me on my skin, once person even said I look younger!

  41. Patti Barber

    Amazing. My skin looks and feels great!

  42. Kristin Herrera

    I really like this trio. My skin feels great!

  43. Kari Strickland

    I’ve purchased this stuff 3-4 times now because I love it! My face feels & looks great!

  44. Dixie Gutierrez

    I love this set! I have had amazing results with this set. I highly recommend it. Best part is none of these leave a sticky residue like the other serums I have tried.

  45. Kathrine Fowler

    Excellent package for any woman

  46. Cathy Johnson

    Amazing set, amazing results!

  47. Lucy Turner

    All in one!

  48. Aliona Rudova

    This little set does wonders

  49. Hannah Billman

    Have been using this set for 4 years now and never looked back

  50. Flora Hopkins

    Have been trying to heal these red dry patches of skin on my cheekbones for almost a year. They were the result of a dermatological procedure. Nothing worked. After two applications of this treatment they were gone! Needless to say, I will continue using it.

  51. Lauren Ortiz

    Started the line about 6 weeks ago and love it! I definitely see changes in my skin tone and I have received complements.

  52. Maureen Ruiz

    Excellent products that really deliver results – love them!

  53. Olive Cross

    Arrived quickly, amazing product

  54. Brandi Yates

    My face looked radiant almost instantly and others noticed as well.

  55. Christina Moon

    Everything I need in one set

  56. Brandy Pittman

    Is the second time I buy this trio. I feel it works well.

  57. Erika Patrick

    So there’s quite a bit of product in each container & seem like the real deal!! Package came nice and quick too! Very pleased!

  58. Myrtle Hansen

    Love love love these products.

  59. Mindy Houston

    like the fact that all 3 are packed together. good size to see how they work for you and order more. arrived on time.

  60. Gladys Abbott

    I love the complete set, great products-great results

  61. Deanna Hart

    Just started using the serum, but seeing results.

  62. Cheryl Lynch

    Leaves face soft and smooth.

  63. Terri Wheeler

    I love this product. I have only been using for a week and have seen a major improvement in my skin texture, tone, and overall quality. So glad I took a leap of faith with this product. I will definitely purchase again.

  64. Arlene Mckenzie

    Soft to the touch and smooth on the skin…smell great.

  65. Lisa Parks

    I’ve been using about a week now, feels great! I’m really liking these products.

  66. Eva Fletcher

    Great products! Face cream works great on combination skin and is the only skincare item I’ve found to work on my skin from season to season. Highly recommend.

  67. Marlene Parker

    Do see a difference in my skin. Really like what it’s doing

  68. Clara Webb

    This whole product line is amazing! I am impressed and I have used some facial products on the market. I recommend highly!

  69. Leah Frazier

    My favorite skincare products, great deal too!

  70. Nellie Soto

    I’ve only been using this skin care set for two weeks and I can already see results! I will definitely buy this again! Works great!

  71. Sharon Cannon

    packed in my travel bag and always ready to go. I love all the products.

  72. Shawna Patton

    Great product. I notice a difference and I already reordered this kit

  73. Vickie Curtis

    Wonderful skin products. I started using these products only when I traveled. Now I use them all of the time. No more dry skin for me.

  74. Regina Bell

    I love it. Youthful skin, just like it says! Would buy it again.

  75. Rochelle Martinez

    I am 65 and it is improving the texture of my skin. I also believe it is evening out my skin tone. I highly recommend it.

  76. Hilda Roberts

    This is my second order, I love this product and it has made such a big difference in the elasticity and tone of my skin. I highly recommend this set.

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